There She Is!! Comes to a close

2008-12-20 14:06:27 by Shinpachi222

Probably the most wonderful series on NG, in my humble opinion. I remember that the first time I watched There She Is!! step one, I was a new NG user. I looked on the top 50 of all time, and there it was. Had to watch it, it was in the top 5! I was blown away to an epic degree. Then, step two came out. Once again, SamBakZa took my breath away. The evolution of the cat in the story has been amazing, along with the tenacious love of the bunny (whom, if I am correct, is named Doki. That may mean something like rabbit in Korean though, it seems that's where SamBakZa is from).

It was one of the animations that made me want to start animating, and has re-invigorated me this past year as the final three steps came out.

Long live There She Is!!

There She Is!! Comes to a close


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